CrossFitters that have made a statement at Crossfit 90!

 Athlete:  Isela Paloma

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Nickname:  N/A

Age:  30

Years Doing Crossfit:  1 Year

Occupation:  MD Signs Manager

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     I enjoy doing crossfit because I never new my limits until I pushed myself to them.  I like the way the coaches push us to do better during the workouts and not give up.  Lifting weights during this time has been a challenge for me but this makes me feel great.  It never gets easy, you just get better



 Athlete:  Maria Gomez

Nickname:  N/A

Age:  35

Years Doing Crossfit:  1 Year and half

Occupation:  Restaurant Worker

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     I enjoy crossfit because I can do things that I didn't know I could do.  I like how the coaches train and how patient they are with me.  I really like how everyone cooperates with eachother and cheers eachother on.  I love that I live close by and I can get there walking ( no need for a car).  My goal is to do a well done pull-up.


Helping eachother push to the next level

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