CrossFitters that have made a statement at Crossfit 90!

 Athlete:  Rosi Treviño

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Nickname:  Rosi

Age:  28

Years Doing Crossfit:  10 Months (started in May)

Occupation:  secret

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     CrossFit has helped me with one of my health goals of being able to workout 4-5x a week and enjoy doing so. I never enjoyed working out as much as I do now and while I would like to thank the workouts for that, I more specifically want to thank CrossFit90 for that because they have been such an awesome support system since day 1! They know when to push and when to tell you to take a break and that's super important and something I highly value. Being new to SF Valley has been a lot more enjoyable thanks to CrossFit90 and all the amazing people I've met! 



 Athlete:  Juana Medina

Nickname:  secret

Age:  22

Years Doing Crossfit:  secret

Occupation:  secret

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     I joined CrossFit over a year, and I am not stopping anytime soon.  I love how Crossfit challenges me every day. I have learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Crossfit has been life-changing. 

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