Past Athlete Recognitions

Athletes still making their mark at Crossfit 90

January '17

Athlete:  Heidy Campana

Nickname: BossLady

Age: 38

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 Years

Occupation:  Marriage and Family Therapist

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


I do crossfit because wives should know how to iron...pump iron!
Crossfit is my therapy, it's the place where I go to challenge myself physically and mentally while having fun in a positive environment with great friends!
I like modeling for my sons that daddy isn't the only beast in the house, so balancing mommyhood, a career, and working out is challenging at times, but so rewarding! 
Besides, my sons think I'm their personal jungle gym so I need to stay strong! ?

Athlete:  Eduardo Ponce

Nickname: Edward or Eddie

Age: 21

Years Doing Crossfit: About a year

Occupation:  Full time Student and Gainz enthusiast

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


When I started doing crossfit I was almost 300pounds and pre-diabetic and high blood pressure. I know that a regular gym would now be good for me because its not motivating. A friend told me about crossfit 90 I gave it a try, I was nervous at first once I started to get to know people and made friends it made it so much fun to go every day before I know it I lost so much weight lol. Well that's my story

December '16

Athlete:  Adela Castillon

Nickname: Don't have one, but the kids call me Mommy!

Age: Ageless

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 Years

Occupation:  Mommy to 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy / Administrative Asst.

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


Before crossfit I did Pilates for 5 years and never thought that I would actually love Crossfit...My friend Celia introduced me to Crossfit 90 and I never looked back...At first I was hesiate because I didn't know what to expect but within time I can see why people get hooked on coming to Crossfit 90...I still have a long ways to go as far as the results for me but with the help of great coaches and friends that push me everytime I step foot into Crossfit 90  eventually I will there. Plus having 2 dancing divas I  need to be in the best shape to keep up with them and my teenage son...Crossfit is not just a gym "Its family" 

Athlete:  Celia Hernandez

Nickname: Cell

Age: 38

Years Doing Crossfit: 3

Occupation:  ICU R.N.

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


Ever since I can remember I have been doing some kind of physical activity. From running to gyms to boot camps. After having my third child I discovered Crossfit. One of my friends introduced me to the sport. I remember I couldn't even do a sit up. It was challenging because not only did I need to learn what crossfit was all about but I had to loose all the pregnancy weight I gained.  I kept coming to crossfit 90 and I fell in love with crossfit. Three years later not only did I loose all that baby weight but also gained muscle and new friends. I love crossfit and would recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge. 

November '16

Athlete:  Chris Padilla

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Nickname: Fraser (I guess because he is the 2016 Champ)

Age: 23

Years Doing Crossfit: 1 Year

Occupation:  Customer Service Rep

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


Ever since I can remember sports has always been a big part of my life. Growing up playing sports I ended up growing a competitive side and then I graduated high school. After that I didn’t know where to keep up my active competitiveness. I tried going to a regular gym but it never really kept me motivated to go. Then my friend told me about Crossfit and we watched the 2015 Crossfit Games. After watching the Games I decided to give it a try. I was hooked. I started pushing myself every day to new limits and trying to beat the person next to me was satisfying. Then I came to Crossfit 90 to see if the coaches could help me learn new things and get better to at the skills I had already learned. Being the friendly guy that I am I instantly met new friends and the environment at 90 just made everything I loved about Crossfit better. I recommend Crossfit to anybody that wants to better themselves in fitness. 

Athlete:  Salvador Godinez

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Nickname: Chava

Age: ??

Years Doing Crossfit: ??

Occupation:  Getting Gainz

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


 Coming soon.

October '16

Athlete:  Jeanette Fuentes

Nickname: J

Age: 37

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  LO Assistant @ Mortgage Company

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


I’ve never been an active person growing up. So I tried going to regular gyms in my mid 20’s but I was never consistent and it was just a waste of my money. My best and only options were always strict diets, fasting and diet pills, of course. 
3 and a half years ago I made a beautiful young lady (Victoria) and told her how I struggle with weight issues and how I wanted something different, she invited me to her gym at CF90 and I been there ever since. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t consistent when I started either. But here at CF90 we become a family, a family that pushes and supports one another and motivates you to be better than you were yesterday. I might not be the strongest there, but I am STRONGER than the 1st day I started. 
I am confident to say that not only have I been able to maintain a regular workout routine, I have also learned to love my body by making better and healthier eating choices in an organic way. For the first time in 17 years I am doing it all on my own the natural way all I drink it’s my ZEAL, No more unhealthy supplements, no more rigid diets, no more calorie counting and most importantly no more regrets.
I am extremity bless and thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to start all over again and renovate myself and for placing my CF90 family in my path. I can’t wait to see how many more lives we can change.

Athlete:  Adrian Gachuzo

Nickname: Gachuzo

Age: 32

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  Mail Man

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


 I remember watching CrossFit on ESPN one day.  I thought it was interesting. they  open up a CrossFit around the corner from my apartment I decide go and give it a try. Been hooked since. But the best part about CrossFit is the people and friends u meet or will meet.

September '16

Athlete:  Jazmin Serafin

Nickname: Jazzy / Little Beast / Sleeping Beauty

Age: 25

Years Doing Crossfit: 1 Year

Occupation:  Registered Nurse @ UCLA Hospital

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


Crossfit has changed my health and fitness tremendously. I started Crossfit when I was in college and it was going great. Unfortunately I had to stop for a little over a year and my health slowly went down hill. I wasn't as motivated to go to the gym. I wasn't eating as good as I should have and I put on a lot of weight. It was a hard time for me and I noticed I was becoming very depressed. 
So a year ago I decided to make some life changes and coming back to Crossfit90 was one of them. It was one of the best decisions. I am happier and healthier than ever. 
At Crossfit90 the atmosphere is incredible. Everyone there motivates me and pushes me to my limits. I have made amazing friendships #230crew Thank you for making me lift heavier, pushing me to go faster & never letting me give up =) 

August '16

Athlete:  Cecilia Loera

Nickname: Ceci

Age: ??

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 1/2years

Occupation:  Operations Analyst

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   


I am a mother of four, with a full time job, who has become addicted to Crossfit – finding it to be my escape from my busy life. 
Prior to Crossfit I would spend countless hours in the gym. There were no interactions; it was just an isolated activity.  When I felt I plateaued and needed a change, I found CF90. The hour classes fit perfectly in my busy schedule. I’m able to manage having “me time” and still remain engaged in all my kids’ sports and school activities. 
In December 2014, about a year and a half into Crossfit, I fell ill and was out for about two months. The doctor never provided a definitive answer on what caused my inability to catch my breath, which literally caused me to turn blue. I couldn’t hold any solids down, would have serve cough attacks and eventually development a hiatal hernia because of this. I was told by my doctor that lifting would aggravate my condition and might even worsen it. He basically advised me to find an alternative workout. But as stubborn as I am, I came back. There was no way I was going to give up on something that I loved. I learned to adjust my workouts in order to not induce the side effects of my hernia. I thought that not being able to lift heavy again was going to make me feel less of an athlete. But being able to compromise and accept what I can and shouldn’t do, has made me an effective athlete. 
A year and half later I’m still here and I feel great. I still learn something new each day. I love the challenge, even when it takes me numerous tries. To finally grasp the move or PR is the most gratifying feeling.
Being a mother of four, I’ve struggled with body image. Working out with other moms has made me view what the” woman’s body should look like” in a different perspective. Strong is the new skinny, and the support that I continue to receive here can attest to that. 

Athlete:  Evangelina Garcia

Nickname:  Eve

Age: 26

Years Doing Crossfit:  2.75 Years

Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer / Technical Supervisor

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

      Because I want my future husband to grab that BOOTY!

July '16

Athlete:  Noelia Davis

Nickname: unknown

Age: 42

Years Doing Crossfit: 8 years

Occupation:  AP

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     I have always been a very active person, growing up I played different sports ( volleyball, karate, soccer,..), when I moved here to the States back in 2002, I did the typical gym thing and after having my daughter I got into pilates and yoga. I was living in San Diego at that time in some people I knew were having free Crossfit workouts every Saturday at a park, so I decided to give it a try. The first day I went this girl got her first pull up, and I said to myself “ I want to do that”

      In 2010 I decide to get my level 1 and CF kids cert and started coaching in a friends box, then when I moved to the OC I coached there for a little while, also did a few competitions here and there. 
2 years ago I moved to the Valley, there was a lot of things going on in my personal life so I decided to take a little break from Crossfit, but by the end of last year I started missing it very much. One girl at work mentioned Crossfit 90 so I decided to give it a try and I am very glad I did. It was hard to get back at it, but thanks to the help of Coach Rick and Coach Pricilla, and the awesome people of the 5:30 pm class, I think I am improving everyday.

Athlete:  Javier Camacho

Nickname: Javi / Camacho

Age: 25

Years Doing Crossfit: 1 Year

Occupation:  Getting Gainz

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

Before I ever decided to give CF a try, I would simply just go to the gym and lift for an hour or two but I was never really satisfied with simply just lifting. I did it just to try to stay in shape but there was something missing. I didn't feel like I was progressing much and it was becoming boring after doing the same thing over and over again. 
Once I decided to get into CF, everything that had to do with fitness changed for me. Now, I'm always looking forward to working out, I'm motivated, I've seen a lot of progress in my lifting and my body, I'm a lot stronger than I use to be before. The CF atmosphere is probably the best part of everything. Having your team with you to motivate each other and push each other to being better athletes. Especially my team! Without my team I wouldn't be as motivated to becoming a better athlete!! #zealteamsexy (Jesse O., Jesse M., Yvette, Luis and Hugo) Thanks to the coaches as well for making me a better athlete! 

June '16

Athlete:  Monica Ramirez

Nickname: unknown

Age: 30

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 years

Occupation:  Full-time working mom

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

     After having  my 2nd child, I was seeking a way to loose weight the fastest way possible. Dieting and basic cardio had become monotonous and I was aware I was in need of change. I decided to try a Crossfit class after a friend was adamant about me joining her- finally  I had found was I was seeking.

     For a long time I strived to be skinny, but when I left that class on my first day, I was truly inspired. I had never seen anything like it, let alone touched a barbell in my life. My perception of being "skinny," had shifted. I was pushing myself to learn different movements and with everyday came a new challenge.

     As I juggle my time and energy caring for 2 little ones full time, I make Crossfit a priority. I enjoy the energy at CF90 and it has become a form of therapy for me. Lifting keeps me sane. It gives me confidence and satisfaction like nothing else. Though I've got a long way to go and a list of things to learn, I've learned that results don't always have to show standing in front of a mirror. My attention and focus is always directed  toward my kids and Crossfit gives me the opportunity invest some time in myself.

     I'd like to thank Coach Rick and Coach Pricilla for believing in me and playing a significant role in my journey. Regardless of how small or great my Pr's and accomplishments may be, your support is always greatly valued. 


Athlete:  Vanessa Estrada

Nickname: Vainessita!!

Age: Ageless

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 years

Occupation:  Mommy and Coordinator

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

Growing up I wasn't very athletic I've always been on the chubby side. After high school I joined a boxing gym, it was intense a lot of cardio but after joining 6 months I realized my body plateaued. I wasn't seeing a big difference in my body. After having my first child I not only stopped working out but  I gained 60lbs.. Omg!! I was huge.. Fortunately my brother opened CF 90. I started going and he was so upset I couldn't run 400m in less then 3 minutes. I then pushed myself to lose the weight. And now Crossfit for me is my time and I like to take advantage of me time! Just a year ago I had my second beautiful child.. People ask me "how did you lose weight so fast?" well with the help of zeal, crossfit and eating healthy I've been able to really see a change in my body. My whole family has changed their eating habits. We went from having rice, beans and meat everyday to making cauliflower rice, quinoa and chicken/turkey on a daily basis.

It is a challenge everyday hitting new PRs and it is amazing feeling the adrenaline during the WOD's and of course making new friends. If your looking  for quick weight loss well it's not easy just keep pushing yourself. Just today I was able to squat clean and jerk 120lbs and do a handstand push up!! Yay! I am so proud of myself lol.. Thanks CF90 


May '16

Athlete:  Yvette Fuentes

Nickname: Gonis, Te

Age: 27

Years Doing Crossfit: 1 Year 5 Months

Occupation:  Creative Director, Photographer

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

When I first started my fitness journey I always worked out on my own and stuck to simple things I knew like hikes and cardio. It was getting me by but I wanted more. I wanted something that would challenge and motivate me and even get me into lifting weights. Before joining Crossfit, I never worked with weights nor with any of the movements and the moment I took a class, I found that challenge I was looking for. By doing Crossfit I realized it wasn't just a workout, it was something I enjoyed doing and wanted to get better at. Coming from a place of always doing things on my own to now having the support, help and motivation of the friends I've made while working out, has made Crossfit a fun and rewarding experience. I have definitely learned a lot about myself while at Crossfit including my strengths and weaknesses. The workouts will keep you honest and force you to attack your weaknesses. In other words, don't be afraid of those weaknesses or certain exercises, face them head on with relentless determination. Since Crossfit, I have noticed changes in my over all performance. Crossfit has created the athlete that I am today.


Athlete:  Tony M

Nickname: Currently being decided by the council...

Age: 34

Years Doing Crossfit: 3+ years

Occupation:  ???

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I stumbled upon crossfit about a year after my shoulder surgery.  I felt like the regular gym was not helping me get my shoulder back to 100%.  So I decided it was time to try something new.  I walked into my first crossfit class in November 2012.  The class started with the coach speaking to the class.  Everything the coach was saying made sense.  I felt like I had come to the right place... then came the WOD and it kicked my A**!  The next morning I was ridiculously sore, but I went back for more.  Then I was hooked.  At first going 3-4 times a week, then I found myself practicing double unders and pull ups at home until I got better and faster.  I think that's what I like about crossfit.  It was something challenging that I was not good at, so I wanted more.


I joined Crossfit 90 in April 2014.  Since Day 1, I was welcomed with open arms by the members and coaches.  Before I knew it, Crossfit 90 became my daily habit on my days off.  Other members would quickly get on me for missing a day.  I felt like every week I had to remind them I couldn't make it everyday because of my work schedule.


Towards the end of 2014, I went through a very dificult time in my life.  I spent my mornings in the hospital and afternoons at Crossfit 90, Monday through Friday.  For three months it was an outlet, my therapy... and during that time I developed some amazing friendships.  Since then, Crossfit 90 became my second home.


I'm still learning and working on technique.  Always wanting to get better and learn more, I'm here as much as I can be, even when I'm hurting... which is often.  I'm here talking shit and laughing but at the same time getting my ass handed to me along with everybody else.  Through the years, thanks to crossfit, I've met some great people and developed friendships that I hope last for years to come.

April '16

Athlete:  Brenda Pelayo

Nickname: ???

Age: 36

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 Years

Occupation:  Secretary

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

I was introduced to CrossFit by my friend.  I remember my first day; I almost passed out while doing the WOD.  I felt disappointed with myself because I thought I was too weak for this.  When I got home that evening I remember telling myself “I really liked it, but I couldn’t even finish it…so I have two options I can quit or keep going and try my best until I get better at it”.  I couldn’t squat or do an overhead squat with a pvc pipe!!  I still remember that I could barely lift the 22# bar, it felt so heavy.   I thought I was never going to be able to use another bar or add weights…but now I can.  I feel very proud of myself for not giving up.  CrossFit has made me physically and mentally stronger.  CrossFit is my therapy and stress reliever.   It has been two years and here I am still trying to get better at it.  
 I made new friends throughout these 2 years.  I feel very blessed to have met my good friend Willy a couple months after I started.  He was my very first friend.  I’m shy and if I don’t know you I just say “hi” or “bye” or I just don’t say anything.  Willy would ask me things and I would just answer the question.  He kept on talking to me more and more and in just a few weeks we became good friends.  He’s always pushing me to get out of my comfort zone.  He cheers me on when I feel I can’t keep going.  He’s an awesome friend.  I love coming to CrossFit not only to workout but to see my friend and catch up on the “chisme”.   I will miss you very much Willy.

 “When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders…SQUAT that s#*!t”

Athlete:  Willy Mauricio

Nickname: ??

Age: 26

Years Doing Crossfit:2 Years

Occupation:  ???

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Crossfit 90 has changed my mind body and spirit. When I started I knew it was going to be a challenge; but I was up for it. I had been doing fitness for 5 years before I started. This place is more than a class it's like a second family. They push you encourage and maybe even pick on you but all in good fun. You don't feel left out. I would have never done what I learned here in any other gym. Sometimes the workouts are brutal but that's what changes you.

March '16

Athlete:  Lorena Lopez

Nickname: Pez, La Fea

Age: 46

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 Years

Occupation:  Accounting/Billing Assistant

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   

The fist time I walked into a box was Crossfit90. I was approached by Coach Rick and I began to ask about the workouts. Rick quickly asked if I knew about Crossfit and I'm sure I had a puzzled look on my face, I answered no!? He encouraged me to do research then come back.  I came back... I want to say that I dared myself into walking back in there and 2 years in I'm still hooked!!
The following are a few things why I love Crossfit:
Feeling accomplished with the WOD, feeling the victory when I hit a PR, most of all the gratitude when I see/hear my community cheering on for one other...that to me is a BEAUTIFUL & POWERFUL feeling. 
"Look in the mirror, that is your competition"

Athlete:  Triny Del Toro

Nickname: ??

Age: ?

Years Doing Crossfit: ?

Occupation:  ???

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Crossfit what can I say about it kicks your ass but it makes you a stronger person not only physically but mentally and in every other aspect. I came in to Crossfit not being even able to lift the bar and now I can do it plus I can add weights .I'm not the strongest but that's the great thing about this you are in this race for yourself nobody is looking to see if your weak we build each other up, we encourage one another to do our best. Crossfit has become part of my daily routine just like a job but the difference is that if I miss Crossfit I get upset. Along your journey you build comadres like Rick says.

February '16

Athlete:  Griselda Jiho

Nickname: Jiho

Age: 39

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  Radiologist Assistant

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Running and hiking was my thing. I wanted to see more results.  I joined crossfit 90 and now my body has transformed into something I could have never imagined.  I leaned how to eat healthy effectively. 

Taking zeal and making sure I feed my body it has been very important to me and my family. 
It's a challenge for me everyday at crossfit but I will keep working at it.
It's never an easy workout but pushing my bodies limit came to be my addiction . 


Athlete:  Juan Prado

Nickname: No nickname (Sometimes to refered to as Luis' dad)

Age: Ageless

Years Doing Crossfit: 3

Occupation:  Kitchen Manager at StoneFire

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I never really expected to be physically active.  I used to always admire body builders such as Arnold when I was younger.  Everything started when I wanted to make my son more active as he was overweight and I didn't want him to stay that way forever.  I ended up going to the gym with him and I actually enjoyed it.  Then I was introduced to Crossfit and I was immediately hooked.  I never knew of any of the movements I learned and it was an interesting type of exercise that is not always repetitive.  Since I've started I have lost 20 pounds of fat, my work is not tiresome and I feel better about myself than before.

January '16

Athlete:  Tara Grude

Nickname: "T" , "Tar-animal",  "Buffness"  "Terra" but it's actually pronounced (Tah-rah)  haha

Age: 30

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  Artist

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I've always been active since I was little: gymnastics, ice skating, dance, and Cheerleading from 5th grade to my senior year at Alemany. I did the whole gym thing, taking cardio kickboxing, Zumba (even taught Zumba for a few months), etc and some weightlifting, struggling with 10 pound dumbells. Once I got tired of the gym, I did P90x and other home programs and, of course, got really tired of it because of the lack of change.

I started Crossfit90 in January 2013  and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. I always thought that I'd just stay the same weight and never be able to gain much more muscle. Going from 10 pound weights to lifting my own body weight overhead is still so crazy to me.  

Crossfit has not only helped me physically but mentally as well. I'm a sign artist for Trader Joe's, a Cosmetologist, and hair and makeup artist. Because of Crossfit, I've become so much more confident in my work, working on perfecting skills and learning new techniques. 

These past few months, especially, with the encouragement of the awesome 2:30/3:30 class, I've pushed myself so much, gaining about a 5% increase in weight for most of my lifts, as well as gaining 5 lbs of muscle this year! There's no way that would have ever happened if I stayed at a regular gym. 

As a 4'11", (now) 100 pound #crossfitchick, I cannot see myself ever leaving my Crossfit family. The best part of being in Crossfit is that no matter if you're the last person to finish, your family is always there to cheer you on.

Athlete:  Patricia Herrera

Nickname: Patty, Chola Barbie

Age: 31

Years Doing Crossfit: 2

Occupation:  Mommy of 3 / Wife / Office Clerk / Part Time Juice Maker

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   With 3 boys I really need to workout with best results in the shortest amout of time possible.  A fried of mine told me about the crossfit center in the neighborhood and I was pretty hesitant.  I did not like the idea of "weight lifting"  as I figured that I would bulk up.  The beginning was very tough.  I'd never pushed myself this hard in my previous workout excersices.  Thought struggling at first, I pushed my mind and body and found crossfit training to be challenging and rewarding.  Now I strive to continue to push myself in ways I'd never imagine.  Most recently, my husband and I ran a half marathon!  It was exciting!  I look forward to the challenges up ahead.  There is never a dull moment with the Crossfit90 Family.

November '15

Athlete:  Dolores Garcia

Nickname: Lola

Age: Ageless

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  CRS at Medallion

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Before I was introduced to Crossfit I used to do alot of cardio workouts and even though I liked the workouts, I wasnt getting the changes or challenges I was looking for.  Then a friend told me to try out Crossfit90.  He explained how the workouts were and how challenging it was at the time.  Hearing that interested me.  I tried it out and I was hooked.  It's been 3 years that I've been doing it and up until this year I started to take this sport a little more seriously and really trying to improve my movements.  It's a challenge everyday and everytime I do it I feel great.  It's an amazing feeling when you reach new Personal Records finishing a challenging workout.  Crossfit to me is a stress reliever, it's a place I go to forget about the daily life problems... but the best part is the friends I've made here at Crossfit90.  My favorite part of the day is walking into my box and seeing all my friends and workout partners.  So many great people here that motivate you and push you to do better.

Athlete:  Jesse Montes

Nickname: The Hulk

Age: 21

Years Doing Crossfit: 9 Months

Occupation:  Warehouse Assistant for Children's Hunger Fund

Why Do You Do Crossfit:  I played sports and worked out my entire life but when I did my first Crossfit WOD... I was hurting and  I wanted to puke.  It kicked my butt and I couldn't walk right for a few days because of the soreness and that's when I fell in love with it.  Since starting Crossfit I have gotten stronger, my endurance has increased and I've lost 60 pounds in a few months.  Crossfit has and continues to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.  I love the people, competitive environment and working out somewhere that pushes people to be stronger than they think possible.  Crossfit 90 has become my second family and my home!

October '15

Athlete:  Cynthia Contreras

Nickname: CC

Age: 32

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  Business Account Manger for OfficeXpress, Inc (OxPros)

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Crossfit isn't just a workout,  it's really a lifestyle taht I've adopted.  It's not just about pushing my body to the limit, but realizing that it's more mental than anything else.  Crossfit challenges me to be quicker, faster and stronger in and out of the box.  There is no easy route to Crossfit, you get what you put into it and not to mention I've also gained an extended family.  I can celebrate a great day with a workout, or I can relieve some stress with a WOD.  The WOD's are always a challenge and there is nothing better than finishing.  There is so much to learn, so much room for growth, and because it is varied, I never lose interest.  I'm proud to learn from my peers and I'm humbled when I can inspire.  Crossfit 90 is my home away from home.

Athlete:  Edgar Gonzalez

Nickname: ??

Age: 28

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Rounds of 1 year

Occupation:  Designer

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   When I was first introduced into Crossfit, I was skeptical about the methodology of it.  It seemed to be another P90x, get ripped and strong fast, gimmick workout.  Now that I have been doing Crossfit for some time, I see it's far from my initial thoughts.  I was hooked after my very first workout and have not turned back ever since.  Crossfit has done more than just change my body composition, it has made me a better athlete outside the gym.  I have always played sports and by incorporating crossfit into my daily routine it has made me a much faster and explosive athelete which is essential to any sport.  It has also made me venture into olympic lifting and gymnastics which I never though I would do because I found them to be very boring before this.  Aside from being stronger and faster, Crossfit lends itself to create a friendly environment in which I've made serveral friends from and that is not something you will ever find at your typical gym.

September '15

Athlete:  Sarah Lopez

Nickname: Sare Bear

Age: 26

Years Doing Crossfit: 3 Years

Occupation:  Visual Merchandising Manager for Forever 21

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I actually got introduced to crossfit by a gym friend back 5 years ago.  He would show me the different movements and we would do small workouts at LA Fitness where I would work out.  Then I got into it because it was my stress reliever and anytime I'm having a bad day, I know I can just go work out and by the end of the work out my attitude positively changes.  Crossfit90 is where it all began when I got serious about it.  Crossfit has been a part of my life and routine for the past 3 years.  I look forward to going and working out.  I love how everyone works out together and I love seeing people getting stronger.  People would be amazed at themselves, I never thought I could ever do a pull up in my life and now I can do them non-stop.  Shout out to Coach Rick and Priscilla that have helped me through this new journey of Crossfit.

Athlete:  Daniel Sanchez

Nickname: Big-D

Age: 27

Years Doing Crossfit: 2

Occupation:  Whole Sales Manager For “ProSourceFit”

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I was a Boxer as a kid always athletic until I let my self go. I gained over 80lbs I tried everything from beach body programs to regular gyms nothing seemed to motivate me. Until I decided to look more into this sport called CROSSFIT  It changed my life style made me more confident stronger and it brought out the competitive spirit showed me that nothing comes easy. Now I cant see my self doing nothing else but CROSSFIT I  met some amazing people that I can now call friends. 

August '15

Athlete:  Marisol Aldana

Nickname: Coaches Favorite

Age: 22

Years Doing Crossfit: 1 Year

Occupation:  Vendor Associate for ProSource

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   It simply became a part of my daily routine. I enjoy doing the workouts and learning so much about the sport itself. Every day is a new challenge, and the satisfaction of completing each workout is the best. It’s a love and hate relationship with crossfit. I love the competition setting that happens every day among the member’s in the classes. The best part is giving one another a high five after each WOD is over. The motivation that comes with working out as a group, pushing one another and making sure we all get through the workouts is one of the reason why I enjoy it so much more than a basic gym. I enjoy seeing my body change over time and seeing the results you have accomplished .Every day the workouts consist of a variety of Olympic lifts and cardio, which both combination together will give you amazing results. Crossfit 90 has so many members that bring positive vibes to my day, which in fact every day I look forward In attending the gym, and releasing a long day of stress. Being able to do this sport with my brother Luis and sister Irene is also one of my main reasons to stay consistent, we might not see each other as much due to our schedules but we do constantly cross paths at the gym. The one thing I do hate, and I know for a fact I’m not the only one, I do HATE Burpees. 

Athlete:  Luis Aldana

Nickname: Aldana A.K.A. Stubborn!

Age: Twenty-something

Years Doing Crossfit: 4 Months

Occupation:  Account Manager/Project manager for Penhall Company & Soccer Coach

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   4 Months ago I started my crossfit journey.  Unlike most gyms that I've tried in the past, Crossfit really helped me turn my life around.  I've always been a very competitive athlete all my life and I enjoy the friendly competition amongst the many new friends that I have made along with my younger sister.  In 4 months I've lost a total of 25 lbs and went from deadlifting 185lbs to a new PR of 400lbs!!!!  The workouts are intense and not easy, however, the workouts will keep you honest and force you to attack your weaknesses making you a better all around athelete.  My favorite quote "It's not about how bad you want it.... It's about how hard you're willing to work for it."

July '15

Athlete:  Mercedes Cortez

Nickname: Baby Gainz

Age: 26

Years Doing Crossfit: 1.5 Years 

Occupation:  School Therapist / Recent USC Grad

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I do CrossFit as a way of self-care.  I am a firm believer that I would not have made it through grad school without CrossFit.  It's a place where I can go to forget all the stress of school and work and simply kick ass!  I've had the pleasure of making some fun friendships here and they're also a big reason why I continue coming back to the insane world that is CrossFit90!

Athlete:  Luis Prado

Nickname: Luisito / Dragon Jr

Age: 19

Years Doing Crossfit: About 3  years

Occupation:  College Student

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   Crossfit was something I never expected to end up doing, but if it wasn't for it my lifestyle would have never changed.  I wasn't exactly the most athletic kid in high school.  Instead I was a 265lb couch potato.  Due to being constantly bullied and picked on for my weight and appearance, and for the fact I was close to wearing XXXL shirts, I decided it was time to change.  When Crossfit was offered to me, it was way more different than traditional gyms.  It was intense, heavy and actually fun.  In about a month, I noticed a good amount of weight loss and a huge increase in strength and endurance.  My goal is to hopefully compete in the Crossfit games.  One day...

June '15

Athlete:  Jackie Contreras

Nickname: Jackie / The Dancer

Age: 35

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 years 

Occupation:  Sales Executive for UPS

Why Do You Do Crossfit:   I was a marathon runner but I wanted to change it up a bit.  I tried out crossfit and it was such a challenge.  The intensity of the workouts and the people really make it enjoyable to come in and work out hard.   It's like family when I come to class.   Adding crossfit to my workouts, I've noticed an improvement in my running, breathing and overall athleticism.  Burpees still suck though!!!

Athlete:  James Martinez

Nickname: Big Game James

Age: 26

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 years

Occupation:  Chef / Crossfit Coach

Why Do You Do Crossfit:  Crossfit has made me do so much more in my life.  My mentality has been if I can do crossfit, I can do whatever the task at hand.  My health is the best it has ever been and it makes life much easier.  Plus love the fact that crossfit is a family atmosphere.  It pushes you to do better...  Plus, I love lifting heavy and I was never able to do this at a regular gym.

May '15

Athlete:  Maria Sanchez

Nickname: The Beast

Age: 43

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 years

Occupation:  Stay at Home Mom

Why Do You Do Crossfit: Coming from zero athletic background CrossFit has taught me to push beyond my comfort zone. Making me a faster, better runner. It's all about being a balanced athlete. Having functional strength in long runs is the name of game but having mental toughness is where it's all at and well CrossFit got my back there too. Being both physical and mentally strong has definitely been a life changer.

Athlete:  Billy Campana

Nickname: The Dragon

Age: 36

Years Doing Crossfit: 2 years

Occupation:  Self-Employed IT wizard.  Otherwise known as a computer nerd.

Why Do You Do Crossfit:  I've been doing Brazilian JiuJitsu for a few years and I was looking to help improve my conditioning for a competition coming up.  I found Crossfit 90 and decided to give the trial a run not really knowing what crossfit was...  I didn't even finish the W.O.D.    I was taken out of my element, I thought my conditioning was decent but the class showed me I had alot of holes in my conditioning and I knew I had to do this.  It has helped me physically with strength and conditioning but most importantly it has helped my mental strength greatly.  Getting used to being physically exhausted and still continuing to push at a constant pace has benefited me greatly.  The atmosphere and the people make it enjoyable to come... as they say misery loves company... so we push eachother to go heavier and go 1 more rep.  With that same mentality in Jiujitsu, I can hit the mats longer without taking a break and get more mat time helping my bjj game improve since starting crossfit.  Next challenge... Get that whole running thing down.

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