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Crossfit Family 2015

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Barbells for Boobs " Breast Cancer WOD"

Each Class did, "Grace" & " Cancer Stats" & Managed to Donate $368 cash & $65 Online; Ideal Goal was only$100.00


For Time:

30 Clean & Jerks

135/95 RX

65/45 SCALED


"Cancer Stats"

For Time:

7 Rounds

(7% of Women are diagnosed with cancer worldwide before the age of 40)

12 Toes-2-Bar

(12% of Women in the United States will develop breast cancer)

13 Burpees

(1.3 Million women are diagnosed world wide yearly)

28 Air Squats

( 2.8 Million Women are currently Breast Cancer Survivors in the United States)



Why are we fundraising for Barbells for Boobs?
So that together we can take action, raise funds and help detect potentially life-threatening breast cancer occurrences. Barbells for Boobs is dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40. 

Where does my donation go?
All fundraising efforts support much needed detection services in local communities across the country. Remember that the funds raised to support Barbells for Boobs mission are vital to those who may not have the means or access to critical detection services.

Here's how you can help:
Make a donation of any amount on our fundraising team page or an individual team members page. For every $80 raised, ONE more person will know if they are living with breast cancer.  

Additionally, you can spread the word and help us reach our goal by sharing this page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or even better, send an email to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to our page.  

Together, with one unified voice we can make a difference.

Together we can help. Because... Everyone Has a RIGHT to Know.

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Down & Dirty Mud Run: 6 Mile- CASTAIC LAKE STATE RECREATION AREA 32132 Castaic Lake Drive, Castaic, CA 91384

Crossfit 90 ran a 6 Mile Course, which included 20+ Obstacles.


Congrats to those who participated in Team Crossfit 90:


Marisol Aldana,Daniel Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Ricardo Estrada,Tara Grude,Michael Ferral,

Triny Del toro,Patricia Herrera,Jackie Contreras,Edith Soto,William Campana,Marysela Luna ,Bryce Ranck,Alexa Reyes,Sarah Lopez,Carmen Castro,Gricelda Jiho,Jeanette Fuentes,Alfredo Lopez,Adrian Gachuzo.Priscilla Estrada,Lorena Lopez,Ruth Núñez,Angel Núñez, & Jessica Landero.


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