What am I paying for?

In a regular Gym, you have to figure out your own program and nobody is around to make sure you’re doing a movement safely or properly. If you are looking for the best results, and if you want to workout with a trainer, you’re going to pay more for it.


At CrossFit 90, you are paying for personal coaches, motivators that actually helps you get your results and any other help that you may need. Training at CrossFit 90 is a combination of personal coaching and group exercise classes. One or more of our coaches perform and guide each class.


The coaches will help you determine what level of the Workout Of the Day (WOD) is best for you and also what is best for you based on ability, injuries and any other factors. In the beginning of the class a coach will lead the warm-up, refresh everyone on proper movements and standards, coach each athlete for proper range of motion and safety, and encourage each athlete during the wod.


When looking at our package details below, here are a few things to note:

  • Our Trainers are hands-on and they guide you through your training!

  • This is a different product than a membership at a Globo Gym.

  • The environment is different, the community is different, and most importantly, the results are completely different. 

CrossFit 90 keeps it simple and affordable for all!


Plans Rates
Initiation Fee $30
2 Classes and/or Open Gym Per Week** Int. + $60/month

3 Classes and/or Open Gym Per Week**

Int. + $75/month

Unlimited Classes and Unlimited Open Gym

Int. + $90/month
Olympic Weightlifting Int. + $75/month
Olympic Weightlifting (Current Member) $30/month

Kids Bootcamp: Ages 8-14(Child of Current Member)

Kids Bootcamp: Ages 8-14 (Child of Non-Member) $8/class

Class Drop-In

$20 (Includes T-Shirt) 




**Classes include CrossFit, Bootcamp, and Cardio Kickboxing Only.


All payment plans (excluding Kids Bootcamp) are automatically deducted every month. No contract.

Cancellations must be made 5 business days before charge date to info@crossfit90.com


10% Student, Military, Law Enforcement discount available upon request!




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Still not sure? No worries, check us out and book a FREE 3-DAY TRIAL!

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